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Ants in my pants
Ants are atrocious
Unjust to nature
Monstrous locusts
Frighten even the mature
Nobody wants them
Truly beasts of burden
Hiding in their dark den
Where the prey are lured in
Though they have earned their place
Soon they will be gone without a trace
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 0
Money Making Punk
I, got a friend. (Yeah)
Money is his name.
He builds up his own kingdoms, and fells them into shame.
He walks all around, but he ain't got no feet.
He's got a golden chariot, and women are his fleet.
He flies to the moon, and jumps in the sun.
He wipes his ass with silk, when it's all said and done.
People say he's mad, but envy glows their eyes.
Insanity he pleads, but they're all filled with lies.
Brokers aren't broke, they're bums just in disguise.
Money isn't politics, is the lifeblood of a nation.
You can't be injected, but you can take donation.
Scream out loud, tell them money makes you proud.
Tell a bum a joke, and he takes another toke.
Life isn't free, freedom has its price.
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 0
Mature content
Lust :iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 0
Mature content
Death :iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 0
Regret on Wasted Time
We can't always get what we want
We can always want what we get
Savagely grabbing might tear apart the dream
It's easier to catch a fish going down the stream
The fear of losing strikes us all
But we never lose the experience
Try your best to achieve your goal
But don't fret if you don't win
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 2 0
Old Friends
There was a time when they meant everything to me
Without them, I surely would perish
Walking through life isn't easy alone
But what can you do when you've lost your old home
Beautiful people bring beautiful smiles
Happiness is endless when it goes around
Time will make the sturdiest worn
Sometimes it's best
To start from the beginning
To start anew
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 1
Lemon, lemon, oh so bright
Just like the sun, just like the light
A tasty snack, although sour
One must savor, not devour
This delicious fruit, fun to eat
Makes lemonade that can't be beat
Whether to season, or to taste
Flavor will leave you lemon-faced
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 1 1
Ever wonder
What it feels like to be a bird
Soaring the skies
Instead with your own consciousness
Greater than flight, greater than claw
Avians lack
Making the appeal drop greatly
Had we been born
With wings, oh to think of the joy
But sadly not
Dreams, useless unless worked towards
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 1 0
Little things
All the little things add up
Let's get together
We are little but many
And we can add up
When we're alone we are weak
Together we're strong
Stop wasting your time alone
You only live once
Lets get togeher and have fun
Party, go invite everyone
United we stand
Divided we fall
All the little things add up
Together we're big
When we're broken we are weak
Hate drives us apart
We learn from our past mistakes
Divided we died
War will kill society
Peace will revive it
Lets get together and have fun
Party, go invite everyone
United we stand
Divided we fall
All the little things add up
But not all are good
Help us, be a good person
Don't let your soul rot
Hate will be the end of us
Open up your mind
No one knows what will be next
It could be a mess
Lets get together and have fun
Party, go invite everyone
United we stand
Divided we fall
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 3 1
Soaring through the air  
like a cannonball fired  
This creature has  
What many hearts desired  
Free from our crippling land feet  
It goes wherever it goes  
Seen only for a second  
And gone to where nobody knows  
Cursed are we
Who rely on planes
A sad subsitution
Just aerial canes
Blessed is it  
Free to wander about  
Smiling and twirling
While we sit and pout
Never do they question
What is their meaning in life
They have but one purpose
To watch over our strife
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 1 4
It follows us all, night and day
We usually don't see it until it's too late
Like a snake crawling in the grass, waiting to bite
Drama is what you hate
Some people like it
Some people don't
Some people deal with it
Some people won't
Someone spreads a rumor
That you kissed a girl
Boy friend comes to see you
He slams your stomach and you hurl
He gives you the eye
Everytime at lunch
You don't know whats next
But you've got a hunch
You confront him and talk to him
You tell him it's a lie
Turns out he heard something else
But you gave it a try
Now he's in a rage
But hey dont be mad
Press charges, a few bruises won't hurt
After a couple grand, you'll be glad
You hear a rumor
You're guy slept with your friend
You cry up all night
fearing the coming end
You see him the next day
With his shining smile
He see's your gloomy eyes
It doesn't take a while
He asks what's wrong
You push him away
Doesn't talk to him
For the rest of the day
You see him tommorow
with the girl you heard it from
You go up
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 1
Can poets feign emotions?   
It'd be convinient at least   
No need to find inspiration   
The gears of poetry greased
One could write about horror
But be the happiest person alive
One could write about nature
But be a business man, aiming to strive
Makes you wonder about poets
Do they write from their heart?
Or are their imaginations truly that wild
Getting to know one would be a start
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 3 3
A lot of people go around
acting like they're the shit
They think that they know it all
But I tell you they're not legit
A wise man once said
He who knows nothing
Knows more than someone
Who knows everything
We're just animals trying to survive
Yet we look for something bigger
I want to find out why
I want to find that trigger
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 0
So comfortable it is to be tranquil
But I feel it in a different way
I can't help but feel sad
All throughout the day
Bliss is wonderful
but temporary in light
Resting is essential
But to win you must fight
We'd like to think
we have that special someone
while we forget
about everyone
A feeling of peace
mixed with a shade of gray
Enjoy it for a while
Till it fades away
:iconalbanian0:albanian0 0 1


ShaunaNyx Paul cowhig-6 by shauna93 ShaunaNyx Paul cowhig-6 :iconshauna93:shauna93 3,096 380
I Am Immortal
First you betray me, then you try and slay me
And now you think it's ok to try and save me
But it's too late, you tried to kill me
And from deep within me, you set the beast free
I can still feel your hands around my throat
But no, i wont choke
Because you cant kill me
No way, because i am free
Cant you see? I cannot die
No, this is not a lie
I am immortal
:iconthe-shifty-lion:The-Shifty-Lion 1 2
Another Nightmare
Through the dark
It’s here
And everywhere
Its eyes
The color of blood
Stare me down
Like a saber tooth’s
Waiting to kill
My heart races
And crashed like thunder
Beating against my bone
I try to run
But I cant escape
“Leave Me Alone”
I scream in terror
No one seems to hear
Its hands
Touch my neck
Waiting to choke
Waiting to cut off my breath
All under my skin
I run and run
I stumble and fall
I can"t escape
There is no way out
My breath
Strangled by my lungs
With a scream
I wake up sweating
Another nightmare
:iconginginchi:ginginchi 4 20
Hey now boy
You say you've had enough
that she's no good for you
and you're going nuts.
What now boy?
Whatcha gonna do?
Kiss her, call her back
Stare at the stars
and feel sorry for yourself?
Now come on Boy.
You're better than that.
You've got so much more ahead of you.
Don't let her get in the way of that.
Come on boy.
You're a dreamer of dreams
and you can do this.
Just believe in yourself.
Say now boy.
Its time to move on
and heal yourself.
Move on boy.
Move on boy.
Go on.
:iconmartatheunicorn:martatheunicorn 4 3


Ants are atrocious
Unjust to nature
Monstrous locusts
Frighten even the mature

Nobody wants them
Truly beasts of burden
Hiding in their dark den
Where the prey are lured in

Though they have earned their place
Soon they will be gone without a trace


United States
No more poems about nerds and desks.  Only real shit from now on.



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